Why Does Gratwick Productions Exist?

We started GP, inc to be a transparent, audience driven studio where the modern Artist can flourish in a non-predatory environment.


We will provide Producers and Artists with highly efficient, innovative marketing plans designed to establish a heart to heart connection between the audience and the creators.


We will provide ethical and fair financing deals for our Producers and Artists and hold our Co-Production partners to the same level of accountability and transparency under which we operate.


We will provide 21st century distribution customized and catered to Producers and Artist without secrecy or collusion. Transparency with financial reports and distribution deals along with fair splits will be standard operating procedure.

There’s A New A-List Coming To Hollywood

Later this year we will offer our allies an invitation to join our ‘A-List’. This will be an opportunity for you to own a piece of our company and receive exclusive real-time behind the scenes access and influence over every move the company makes.  As a member of our ‘A-List’, you have the ability to review company projections and vote on company decisions such as which auditions you loved, the projects that get developed and what charities they support.

Meet Our Team

Our Executive Team consists of Filmmakers and Producers committed to bringing accountability and transparency back to the Entertainment Business.
Kris Hulbert

Kris Hulbert


After dealing with unethical 3rd party marketing and distribution entities with his first film, Kris realized the need for a vertically integrated pipeline for his work. He started Gratwick Productions to serve that role for himself and other like minded artists .

Justine McLaurin

Justine McLaurin


Justine has her Masters of Science in Entertainment Business and
was given the prestigious course directors award for Contracts and Negotiations.

Mike Dirmyer

Michael Dirmyer


Mike has over 20 years of management and sales experience in both corporate and sole proprietorship settings.

Andrea Vahl

Andrea Vahl


Andrea has spent 10 years in the entertainment industry as a Producer, Actress and Copy Editor.

What We Are Working On

We have a wide range of projects in development, but here are three things we are most excited about right now.
Hallowed Be Thy Name

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Novel by Kris Hulbert

The first novel from Kris Hulbert, will be published later this year. It is the first in a series of novels set long after climate change has ravaged the planet. The last of Man is at war with itself when cataclysmic earthquakes reveal the Ozone will completely collapse within the next century.

Growing Our Community

Growing Our Community

Recruiting Allies and Artists

We want our community of allies to also be our shareholders and the creators who flourish from our company. To facilitate that, we have an open door submission policy for shareholders and we reward our advocates with shares as a thank you for helping the community grow.

An Esports League

An Esports League

Madden 19 Connected Franchise

We're getting ready to launch a professional Madden league where each owner will actually own their team. GP, Inc intends to create a self-contained media network surrounding the league and host monthly cash tournaments.


Latest News and Musings