We can preach accountability and transparency all we want, but without an infrastructure in place to execute those pledges, we’re just throwing around buzzwords hoping they make everyone feel better. 

Transparency is the key to accountability. In order to be accountable to our vision and our commitments, we must first operate with transparency. We are committed to a level of transparency neverbefore experienced in the entertainment industry or corporate America.  We intend to provide our shareholders a level of real-time behind-the-scenes access to every move the corporation makes. 

Shareholders will have the ability to watch live-streamed auditions, interact with the team during production, virtually sit in on meetings, and much more. In addition to countless hours of live and edited content, our allies will have access to internal reports such as projections, release schedules, and products in development.

As a member of our A-list, shareholders will not only be a part of every move the company makes, but also hold influence over every decision. A-listers will have the In-app ability to vote on important company matters. Everything from artwork designs to what projects get financed and in what order will be presented to our shareholders for feedback and votes. The most important decision our backers will take part in is which charities each upcoming project will support. Another core commitment of Gratwick Productions is donating a portion of the profits from every GP, Inc. product to a social cause.

By giving our shareholders full transparency and influence over company decisions, we strive to establish a culture of accountability to ourselves, our shareholders, our audience, and our collaborators.

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Kris Hulbert

Founder of Gratwick Productions.