Without the infrastructure to live by our pledges, we’re throwing around buzzwords hoping they make everyone feel better. 

To be accountable to our vision we must operate with transparency. To that end, we are committed to establishing transparency on a level never experienced in corporate America.  We will provide shareholders with real-time behind-the-scenes access to everything. Live-streamed events, meetings and auditions will be available in our company app.  Beyond countless hours of content, allies will have access to internal reports like projections, schedules, and products in development.

As an A-list member, shareholders will hold influence over company decisions like artwork, green-lit projects and even who is cast. But, the most important decision our backers will vote on, is which charities we support. A portion of the profits from every GP, Inc will go to a cause voted on by our shareholders.

Through transparency and audience influence, we strive to establish a culture of accountability to ourselves, our allies and our industry.

To join our A-List and be an ally of Gratwick Productions, Inc., please enter your email address here.

Kris Hulbert

Founder of Gratwick Productions.

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The Vision For Gratwick Productions - Gratwick Productions, Inc · March 14, 2018 at 5:27 pm

[…] summary, there were no strategic or efficient, let alone custom, marketing plans, nor was there accountability or transparency in the distribution.  We believe there is a better […]

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