1% Of All Productions Goes to Your Voted Charities

The more successful Gratwick is, the more we donate..Always.

Ethical & Audience Driven Productions

We believe that film making and productions should not be a closed off process. We believe in openness and inclusivity.
Gratwick Games Production

How to Become an Audience 'Fan' Participant

You could have a part in all future productions.

Our participants receive texts, emails, live streams during casting, shooting and in the post production process. Have a say in the projects Gratwick works on and get involved in the process, receive invites to premiers, events  happening near your area. 

The A-List: #Accountability

The Offering: Become an Audience Member

  • Gratwick App: Vote, Stream, Connect
  • First 500 Receives Lifetime subscription to all Content
  • Live-streamed meetings, auditions, productions and special events
  • Company reports, projections and insider information
  • An open door submission policy
  • Vote For Productions to Become Reality

Truly an Audience Owned Company

  • Provide early feedback on all promotional material and projects in development
  • In App polls provide to influence company decisions in real-time, such as what projects are green-lit
  • The ability to nominate and vote on what charities each project will support
  • Vote To Make Your Favorite Movies Come to Life

Vote To Make Your Favorite Movies Come to Life

We believe in full Accountability

Our audience has direct say in the projects we take on, the actors we cast, and the industry professionals we work with. 


We will provide Producers and Artists with highly efficient, innovative marketing plans designed to establish a heart to heart connection between the audience and the creators.


We will provide ethical and fair financing deals for our Producers and Artists and hold our Co-Production partners to the same level of accountability and transparency under which we operate.


We will provide 21st century distribution customized and catered to Producers and Artist without secrecy or collusion. Transparency with financial reports and distribution deals along with fair splits will be standard operating procedure.

Why Does Gratwick Productions Exist?
100% Transparency. We started GP, inc to be a transparent, audience driven studio where the modern Artist can flourish in a non-predatory environment.

Meet Our Team

Our Executive Team consists of Filmmakers and Producers committed to bringing accountability and transparency back to the Entertainment Business.

There’s A New A-List Coming To Hollywood

Later this year we will offer our allies an invitation to join our ‘A-List’. This will be an opportunity for you to own a piece of our company and receive exclusive real-time behind the scenes access and influence over every move the company makes. As a member of our ‘A-List’, you have the ability to review company projections and vote on company decisions such as which auditions you loved, the projects that get developed and what charities they support.

Upcoming Projects

We have a wide range of projects in development, but here are three things we are most excited about right now.
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name NOVEL BY KRIS HULBERT
  • Growing Our Community Recruiting Allies & Artists
  • An Esports League MADDEN 19 Connected Franchise

Make a Difference, Audience Driven Productions