At Least 1% Of Revenue From Every Production Goes To Charities Voted On By Our Gratwick A-Listers

As a Gratwick A-Lister you influence what gets funded, who gets cast and what charities our productions support.

Ethical & Audience Driven Productions

By providing our Gratwick A-Listers total transparency through real time access to the creative process, we establish a level of accountability that ensures a professional non-predatory environment for every member of our productions.
Gratwick Games Production

How to Become A Gratwick A-Lister

Every ally who signs up for our email will be among the first to have the opportunity to join our Gratwick A-list. 

As An A-Lister You Will Receive

  • Gratwick app login where you can vote, stream and engage with the creative process for every project.
  • Lifetime access to every digital product Gratwick releases.
  • Live access to meetings, auditions, production sets and special events.
  • Insider information like company reports, pitch packages, projections and unpublished artwork.
  • Open door submission policy (creative and careers)
  • Influence what gets green lit, who gets cast and what charities we support.

Audience-Owned Studio

  • Provide early feedback on all promotional material and projects in development.
  • In App polls allow A-listers to influence company decisions in real-time.
  • Nominate and vote on what charities each project will supports.

We Believe In Full Accountability

By embracing total transparency we offer unique entertainment experiences to our A-Listers while providing our creators and collaborators with the built-in assurance they will not be preyed upon.


We provide Producers and Artists with highly efficient, innovative and custom marketing plans designed to establish an authentic connection between the audience and the creators.


We provide ethical and fair funding for digital media Producers and Artists.  Gratwick matches the creators charitable donations up to 5%.


We use emerging technologies to merge traditional distribution with direct distribution in ways that reduce cost for the audience and increase revenue for our creators and investors. 

Why Does Gratwick Productions Exist?
To be the ethical studio we want to work with as filmmakers and creators. We knew if we built it for ourselves it would also exist for our allies who want the same.

Meet Our Team

Our Executive Team consists of Filmmakers and Producers committed to bringing accountability and transparency back to the Entertainment Business.

Join Our Army Of Allies As We Build A New Hollywood Model