The Vision For Gratwick Productions

Gratwick Productions will be a safe haven for the modern artist to flourish without being preyed upon.

After the explosion of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, it was obvious to everyone there was a need for a safe environment for artists to work, without fear of being physically or financially preyed upon. The executives behind Gratwick Productions have been committed to addressing this crisis for over a decade.  We came together to build a fully transparent, audience driven studio from the ground up. We intend to usher in a new era of accountability in Hollywood through the expectation of transparency and ownership.

As filmmakers ourselves, we also believe there are more storytellers who feel as we do, that our responsibility to our work and our audience does not begin and end with production. The business of art is an extension of who we are and the products we create.  The savvy Artist wants to be involved with how their work is packaged, presented and distributed. Gratwick Productions exists to provide the modern artist with the ethical support they need to execute both their creative and business visions. 

When you are naive to the business of making a movie, you are vulnerable to your own success.

We foolishly believed if we made something good, the business would take care of itself. We convinced ourselves someone would come along and monetize our film for us. Indeed, someone eventually did come along, several someones in fact.

First was a sleazy producer who used our rough cut to open doors for himself all over town in the hope he could close a better deal then double back and deliver on his empty promises.

Second was a sales agency. They took our film to Cannes, then called us to say, “We have deals on the table, but we want a higher percentage first.” They refused to disclose any details before we bowed to their demands. When we refused, they dropped our film.

Finally, there were the aggregators and low level distributors that “did their jobs”. They got our movie on digital platforms and DVD’s on store shelves, but with little to no marketing support. A one-size-fits-all “marketing plan” amounted to new artwork. Once in distribution, scarce quarterly reports and royalty checks required constant calls and emails until they cease to come at all. When the reports did arrive they came with huge expense sheets that ensure any sales were gobbled up by “costs”. Don’t believe them?  You need an attorney and an accountant to review their books. Can’t afford them? Guess you just have to trust them.

We believe there is a better way. 

When faced with little accountability or transparency and rarely efficient let alone custom, marketing plans, it is obvious why any professional artist would want to own their own infrastructure. We intend to provide that professional turnkey support system to socially conscious artists.

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