We’re Starting A Specialized Marketing Company For The Modern Artist

The first pillar for our transparent studio will be a marketing company.

The modern artist faces two core marketing challenges on the path to sustainable success.  How you address these specific obstacles will have more impact on the viability of your artistic career than anything else you do, including the quality of the actual product. 

Challenge #1: Third party marketing you did not hire.

Watching the integrity of your work get compromised and manipulated by a third party marketing company is one of the hardest challenges a creator can experience.  A lowest common denominator, or buck shot approach, is often used to push a product on the widest demographic possible. Whether they want it or not.  As a result, there is a large amount of wasted resources, which directly benefits the outside marketing company.

The entertainment industry is littered with promising careers derailed due to manipulative marketing.  When the audience is sold one expectation and then delivered an entirely different experience only the middlemen win. 

Challenge #2: A Sea of competition (noise).

An endless stream of distractions and entertainment options available today.  Hence, the quality of your content is no longer enough to rise above the noise.  Without a personalized marketing strategy powerful voices, inspiring artwork and talented artists can easily remain in eternal obscurity.

The modern artist is well aware of these challenges and many of us want to take control of our circumstances.  We understand how our art is presented is an extension of who we are and how we are presented.  Because of that, we feel a responsibility to our audience to be authentic and sincere in our advertising.

In order for Gratwick Productions to reach our lofty vision, we need to work with a very specific type of marketing company.  It must be committed to transparency and designed to serve the modern artist.  Most of all, it must empower artists to be hands-on in the creation and execution of their marketing strategies.

The Solution?

We will build our own marketing company.  Like you, we are the modern artists and we need this company as much as you do.  In conclusion, owning our own agency allows us to control how we are presented and the authenticity in how we connect with our true audience.  We will then provide you with the infrastructure and advisors to do the same.

All we need now is a name for our new company, any suggestions?