Why Are You Launching In Buffalo?

Gratwick celebrate the future of entertainment in WNY with ‘A Night To Inspire’.

On May 10th we officially launch Gratwick with a charity event for Young Audiences of Western New York. Our first round of Gratwick Allies will be invited to come party and celebrate with us as we introduce our plan for a digital media fund for local artists.

Why did I choose Buffalo as the first city to launch our plan to disrupt Hollywood? Because our plan is based on supporting local artists and providing them with the infrastructure they need to compete with the Hollywood machine. I can think of no better place to start than in my hometown. Buffalo, more specifically North Tonawanda, is where the name Gratwick came from. The name is a tribute to the friends and family who all still live in the area.

As someone who grew up there and didn’t find my true purpose as a storyteller until the age of 30, I understand how easy it is for creative talent to slip through the cracks. I understand how starved the creative community is for more career opportunities. I know how much impact a digital media fund for local artists would have in generating and sustaining those opportunities. The answer to why Buffalo, is the same answer as to why YA-WNY. I want to do everything in my power to provide the opportunities, inspiration and support I never found until much later in life.

The world famous Wurlitzer Building, located in my hometown of North Tonawanda, is the perfect location to host our launch party. We will live-stream the event from the historical factory for all our allies to celebrate with us no matter where you are.

The Wurlitzer Events Venue

We’re launching in Buffalo, but our goals reach well beyond the region. We want to teach others how to replicate our success in their communities. We are committed to growing Gratwick to a level where we can provide nationwide support to as many artists as we can.

Whether you’re from WNY or anywhere else in the world we need you as a Gratwick Ally. Join us and share the rewards and experiences of supporting ethical talent. Together we can disrupt Hollywood, bring accountability to the entertainment industry and have a whole lot of fun along the way.

Please consider joining our discord community.

– Kris Hulbert (Gratwick Founder)

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