Let Gratwick Produce Your Podcast

Rent our Podcast Studio and we will handle all the production needs for your show.

We have a small studio set up for live (or prerecorded podcasts) or any other type of weekly show. Let us handle all the logistics and tech setup so you just have to worry about showing up, delivering the best show possible and leaving. We will take care of everything else.  We will be renovating the studio in before May to provide the best experience for our hosts and audience as possible. Pictures will be added once the renovations are complete.

Standard Rate: $100 per episode, but we are willing to negotiate with our initial shows based on the quality of your content.

Schedule Your Show: Send us a message at gratwickproductions@gmail.com

Our studio includes

  • Green screen backdrop
  • 3 condenser mics
  • Sound effects board
  • Mixer
  • Multi-camera setup
  • Ability to restream to 3 or more platforms simultaneously
  • Anchor desk
  • Ability to bring remote guests into the show
  • 3 sets of headphones
  • 4k 42inch monitor
  • 13 inch 2016 Macbook Pro (Windows and OS)
  • StreamLabs OBS

Our services include

  • Setup
  • Production manager
  • Social Media – chat engagement
  • Show notes, tags and descriptions edited into final output
  • Audio MP3 output for audio only version
  • Website setup, management and submission of your audio podcast (extra charge)
  • Graphics
  • Media and images presented during show
  • Advice and guidance on how to improve and promote your show
  • We can help find and place sponsors in your show